Valentine's Day - Not Just for Romance

by Liza Leeds January 23, 2015

Some of my best Valentine’s Day memories are from my childhood.

For at least two weeks before THE BIG DAY, all of us kids would get together and spend hours cutting heart shapes, making those paper doilies, and writing notes and cards.  Of course, they weren’t addressed to anyone in particular, since it assured that every kid would get a card—no one was to be left out.

Teachers would distribute them on February 14, often having little parties or just giving us special treats like candy, cake and cookies. Then we’d go home with our “stash.”

We’d also do extra chores around the house, were nicer than usual to our siblings and left little presents for our elderly neighbors and relatives. Even the pets got in on the deal; in fact, someone got her dog specifically in February because “I don’t want to be without one on Valentine’s Day.”  (By the way, the dog’s mother’s name was White Dove. The dove is a symbol of love.)

So how well do you really know Cupid?

Most of us know he was the son of Venus, the goddess of love.  We also know him as the icon of the heart, with those shooting arrows—but this little cherub was also mischievous and playful which, to me, says “Valentine’s Day is for kids!”

So make this a day of love for everyone, and take a look at our assortment.  Like Christmas stocking stuffers, our premium bars make great little Valentine’s Day gifts.  And remember to look us up online, because we ship.

Liza Leeds
Liza Leeds


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