June Candy Camps

June Candy Camps

Join us this May for Candy Camp at Hebert Candy Mansion! Candy Camps include two chocolate crafts which our candy camp coordinators will assist you in making. Afterwards, participants will receive a trip through our famous ice cream sundae bar, with their choice of ice cream flavor and over 30 toppings! Perfect for ages 5 & up. Candy Camps last about 1 hour.

$10.95 per participant. 

Reservations are highly suggested or we cannot guarantee a spot. Space is limited.

Call (508) 842-5583 or email us at events@hebertcandies.com to reserve you spot. If you choose to reserve your spot by email, please include the child's name and if there are any allergies we should be aware of.

Dates & Times:

June 1st  4-5pm
June 2nd 11-12pm Owl & Flower crafts
June 2nd 1-2pm Pig & Bee crafts
June 2nd 3-4pm Teddy Bear & Octopus crafts
June 10th  3:30-4:30 pm Disney Themed Camp Mickey and Olaf crafts
June 12th 11-12pm 
June 12th  1-2pm
June 13th 11-12pm
June 13th 1-2pm
June 13th 3-4pm
June 14th 11-12pm
June 14th 1-2pm
June 20th  "Let’s Go to the Beach Theme" 11-12pm Flip flop, sun & beach umbrella crafts
June 20th  "Let’s Go to the Beach Theme" 1-2pm Flip flop, sun & beach umbrella crafts
June 22nd 2-3pm  2 crafts + decorate your own waffle bowl to use for your ice cream sundae!
June 26th "Welcome Summer theme" 12-1pm Sun & Watermelon crafts
June 27th "Welcome Summer theme" 1-2 pm Flower & ice cream cone crafts
June 29th "Welcome Summer theme" 2-3pm Octopus & Butterfly crafts
June 30th "Celebrate America theme" 1-2pm  Red, white and blue colored crafts + decorate your own waffle bowl for your ice cream and balloons for each child.

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