Fun Fudge Facts

May 19, 2016

No one knows exactly how or when fudge was first invented, but culinary legend says it was likely produced by accident in the United States sometime in the nineteenth century.

The main ingredients are sugar, butter, and milk. Here at the Hebert Candy Mansion we still make it the old fashioned way; by hand in small batches in our copper kettles. We love fudge, so we’ve decided to put together some fun facts about it for you to enjoy.


  • In the early part of the 19th century, the word “fudge” meant “nonsense,” which is part of the reason for the belief that fudge was somehow created by accident when making either toffee or caramel.
  • Many sources confirm that the first sale of fudge took place in 1886 in Baltimore for 40 cents a pound.
  • Though many people think of “chocolate” when they think of fudge, it is not a necessary ingredient or flavor. For example, we at Hebert Candies make Penuche fudge, which has a maple flavor and doesn’t contain any chocolate at all!
  • “Hot Fudge” is not technically fudge, but rather a type of chocolate syrup.
  • The reason we make our fudge in copper kettles is because copper is a great conductor of heat.
  • According to the National Confectioners Association, there a few different fudge holidays throughout the year. May 12 is National Nutty Fudge Day (perfect day for our Walnut Fudge) and June 16 is Fudge Day.

You are now better educated about fudge. Now, go reward yourself by enjoying some!

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