Chocolate Easter Eggs

February 11, 2014

Eggs are a traditional symbol of fertility, spring and rebirth. In earliest tradition, bird eggs were painted in pastels or festive colors to celebrate Easter. Modern Easter eggs have taken a turn towards the confectionery. The favorite, of course, is chocolate. Chocolate Easter eggs are hidden on most every egg hunt for the lucky finder’s enjoyment and are a staple in every Easter basket worth its salt (or shall we say, sugar).


Chocolate Easter eggs were first introduced in early 19th century Europe. German and French confectioners created solid chocolate eggs to give to children at Easter time, and the first molded, hollow eggs were individually lined with chocolate paste.


Though chocolate Easter eggs are now common, some special chocolate eggs run “ovals” around the rest.


Hebert is known near and far for our very special Chocolate Easter Egg collection, which includes a Chocolate Butter Cream Egg, a Coconut Butter Cream Egg, and a Vanilla Butter Cream Egg.


Loyal fans of the Hebert Chocolate Easter Egg return to Hebert each spring to fulfill their Easter tradition: savoring the smooth, luxurious butter creams in their favorite flavors. No Easter basket is complete without one (or more!).


Decorated with a fine sprinkling of white nonpareils and a pastel marzipan duck, bunny or chick, each egg is “laid” (pun intended) with care in a beautiful spring floral box. Any recipient is sure to instantly recognize that the Hebert Chocolate Easter Egg is special, but if there is any doubt, it will be “laid” to rest upon first taste. This melt-in-your-mouth, hand crafted butter cream will have you and your loved ones hunting for Hebert Chocolate Easter Eggs for years to come. Welcome to your newest Easter tradition!

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