Thoughts on the Easter Bunny

February 13, 2014

By Anna (5 years old), as explained to her Mommy

The Chocolate Easter Bunny is the very best part of my Easter Basket because it’s from the Easter Bunny. And it’s chocolate. If you could make a chocolate shape of yourself and give it to someone, then that would be the very best thing you could give them.

I like the Chocolate Easter Bunnies that are empty in the center because they are easiest to bite. But also, the ones that are full of chocolate in the center have more chocolate… so that’s good too. Some are brown and some are white. Both are good.


Sometimes the Chocolate Easter Bunny is sitting down and sometimes it’s standing up. Some look more like real bunnies, and some look like funny cartoon bunnies. Sometimes they are girl bunnies with a bow or something, or maybe colored eyes. I like the girl bunnies.

It’s ok to play with your bunny before you eat it. You can make it hop around and talk to your brother’s bunny and hunt for jelly bean eggs in your Easter basket. But usually, then chocolate gets all over your fingers and your mommy makes you wash your hands. Or you can lick your fingers. Maybe if you’re lucky, the Easter Bunny will give you a stuffed animal bunny to play with instead and you can just eat your Chocolate Bunny.


Remember that bunny I got in my Easter basket once, that we wound up and it hopped around? And then it pooped chocolate!!! That was pretty funny. But I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to eat that chocolate…

Sometimes when I have my very first bite of my Chocolate Easter Bunny, I feel kind of sad for the bunny, because I’m eating its ear or its foot or something. But then I just say, “It’s chocolate. It’s ok.”


When I’ve eaten a lot of it, sometimes it looks really weird. Sometimes I can’t even tell it’s a bunny anymore. But I remember.

A lot of times, the Chocolate Easter Bunny is way too big to eat at one time. You have to save that plastic bag it comes in so you can keep it in there. To keep it fresh. Then, if your mommy says it’s ok, you can go back later and eat some more. But be careful that your dog can’t reach the bunny, because your dog can eat it all at one time. And chocolate is bad for your dog. AND, then you wouldn’t have a Chocolate Easter Bunny anymore.

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Natasha Wing
Natasha Wing

March 24, 2016

When I was a kid I always asked for a white chocolate bunny for my basket.

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