November 14, 2014

The holidays, they are a-coming!

Thanksgiving’s just around the corner and, chances are, you’re already thinking about your table setting.    

Short on time and money? Don’t fret, because with a little ingenuity, know-how and money—and almost no time—you can create a table that will surprise and delight your guests.

Wondering how? Just remember:

  • The table centerpiece pulls the whole theme together, not just for the table, but often for the entire room.
  • The centerpiece should be large enough to have prominence, but not so large that it interferes with visibility or serving.
  • Why not have a fun centerpiece that serves double duty? Our chocolate turkeys or MooseTower are adorable—and filled with yummy treats like chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate chip cookies. Built-in dessert! OR fill a ceramic or glass bowl with some of our chocolates; add some (unpeeled) oranges and lemons or small gourds for color and place on top of a wreath base that you’ve created right from your backyard--acorns, evergreen branches or colorful foliage that you’ve gotten right out of your yard.
  • Don’t forget to complete the look with a color-coordinated tablecloth and napkins!

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