Why are you grateful?

December 26, 2014

We are grateful for our children

Everyone thinks a lot about gratitude during the Thanksgiving-New Year holiday season. It’s time to review, refresh and make new goals. Why are you grateful? We’ll start!

We’re grateful for:

1. Chocolate: Well, you knew we’d say that didn’t you? We have some of the finest candies, pops and more….which leads us to….

2. Studies that say chocolate is good for you: That needs no explanation, right?

3. Kids: When we see those happy, smiling faces, such as at a birthday party, Spooktacular event or some other Hebert Mansion activity, well, we know why we do what we do.

4. Grandparents: We love to see the grandparents come in with the grandkids.

5. Valiant Veterans of Massachusetts. One of the toughest things has got to be making that transition from military to civilian life—and this organization helps with workforce training and recovery programs. Bravo!

6. White chocolate: Do you know we were the first to introduce white chocolate to the United States? Frederick Hebert, who founded this company in 1917, introduced it to the United States in 1956 after tasting "white coat" candies while in Europe.

7. Queen Elsa:  She left her Frozen Castle to make appearances during our Halloween events, surprising and delighting kids in the area. Then she came back again on November 30!

8. HSN: We made our debut on December 3. We’re grateful that we were called “the next HSN star.” We showed our “12 Days of Christmas” gift bar pack, as well as our salted caramel packs—and they sold out on the show within hours.

9. You Can Have Your Chocolate And Eat It Too: We’re all grateful for this one!       Our bars have an out-of-this-world flavor, and a little goes a long way. If your sweet tooth is acting up, tame it with one little piece of a bar. You’ll not only be satisfied, but you won’t blow your diet—it’s only 28-30 calories!

10. YOU! This is easy—without you, we couldn’t be who we are!

2015:  The New Year promises to be bigger, better and even more fun with a lot of interesting challenges. Best of all, we’ll get to meet even more people like you.

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