Love Your Winter White…. Chocolate, That Is

December 09, 2014

Fun Fact: White chocolate was introduced to the U.S. by Hebert Candies founder, Frederick Hebert in 1956 after tasting the “white coat” candies in Europe. So he commissioned confectioner August Merckens to create a recipe. Mr. Hebert brought it to Springfield, MA., where it enjoyed an immediate success.

Fun Fact: White chocolate has less caffeine than milk or dark chocolate and that’s because cocoa butter, rather than the cocoa bean, is the star here. When milk or dark chocolate is made, the dark-colored solid parts of the cocoa bean are separated from the butter, and then reintroduced. Those dark solids don’t get re-introduced, however, with white.

 Much of the cocoa bean is comprised of cocoa butter; in fact, the nibs (center) of the bean are almost 60 percent cocoa butter.

Fun Fact: White chocolate is not technically a chocolate but, rather, a derivative. The FDA says that’s okay, because an item can be called chocolate as long as there’s 20 percent cocoa butter present.

Fun Fact: The color white represents completeness and new beginnings, so if you still haven’t tried white chocolate, maybe it’s time for yours—and white Hebert ® Chocolate is made with pure (“completeness”) cocoa butter!

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