Make Memories at The Mansion

April 14, 2015

We want to say a big congratulation to Joshua & Jessica Hebert on their marriage and to Maddie and Paul on their engagement. Although Joshua and Jessica are no relation, they sent us the note from one Hebert to another. 

Since 1917 The Hebert Candy Mansion has seen it all. With our old world elegant building, The Candy mansion has been a landmark for decades. We are part of the community and love that we have generations of people coming back time and time again to make precious memories.

Recently, Paul and Maddie made the mansion the site of their engagement. Surrounded by grandparents, Ann & Frank - Paul surprised Maddie by asking her to marry him with a Easter Bunny sporting the ring around its neck. What could be better, Chocolate Easter Bunnies and diamonds.

Here’s to the happy couple!

Let's get MarriedNow, for one of the best romantic stories we’ve ever heard. Written by someone with the last name Hebert—no relation, but she addressed it “from one Hebert to another”, Joshua & Jessica Hebert first met in 1998. Then they broke up for 8 years and, although they met, dated and loved other people, they never felt quite happy and complete.

So, with a lot of thought, perseverance and prayer, they got back together. In their words, the next 8 years that they were together were blissful—and then in 2014 they decided to get married. They are looking forward to the next chapter in their life together.

By the way, guess what one of their first Christmas presents was as husband and wife? Hebert chocolate, with their married name on it!










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