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  • This place totally lived up to its name! I was expecting a small selection of overpriced candy, but I was wrong. There are multiple rooms full of candies! I went after Easter and was able to reap the benefits of discount Wabbits. I totally raided the "by the pound" candy selection, got a few candy sticks, as well as a bag of rainbow laces, and some other things. I panicked a bit, because I was worried that I might have gotten a little too carried away, but nope. My total was less than $20.

    -D Chan

  • The best gormet chocolate around. Especially during the holidays. Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. They have something for all occasions. They also have a build your own ice cream sundae bar. I've been going there for as long as I can remember. Smells so good in there.

    - J D Morrison

  • Still the confectionery go to for the atmosphere, ice cream sundaes, coffee and special events. But you cannot forget the chocolate. Hebert chocolate has a particular smoothness and flavor hard to find anywhere else. The chocolate and other treats are made on site so they are fresh. During the summer they host great classic car meets. Easter and Christmas kid inspired events are worth attending. On route 20 in Shrewsbury worth the pit stop.

    - J Tidman

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