Halloween Kids FUN DAY

Come to the Hebert Candy Mansion for some kid-friendly Halloween fun!

Saturday, October 26th

Registration Required

$10.95 Per Child

Each participant will have one hour to complete three crafts with the help of our candy craft workshop coordinators.


Chocolate Candy Craft

Candy craft we will be using melted chocolate and a variety of sweet treats to create a witches hat that children will be able to decorate as they wish with sprinkles and other toppings.

Scarecrow Candy Treat Bag

Fill a treat bag with a selection of candies, tie it with twine and each child will craft a festive scarecrow treat bag with the help of our craft coordinators!

Mosaic Craft Design

With help from Just Paint Studios. Create an 8 inch Wizard of Oz themed mosaic using paper, glue, and glitter.


Milk Chocolate BOO! Bar for each participant

All guest enjoy complimentary chocolate samples, popcorn, and apple cider.

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz!

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz, our staff will be dressed as Wizard of Oz characters and the movie will be playing at the Mansion throughout the day.

Bring your children wearing their favorite Halloween costume and celebrate with us!