Everything But The Wine


SKU: F17128

A stunning gourmet specialty gift that will provide a lasting enjoyment long after the goodies are gone. This large rattan tray is filled nearly 5lbs of snacks and sweet treats fitting for a gathering of friends and family. A lovely gift to say thank you, welcome to your new home, condolences, thinking of you or for any occasion it is suitable for all tastes. Includes Stonewall Kitchen® appetizer favorites including dips and savory jams along with crackers, cheese, nuts, and a wood jam spoon for serving. A variety of cookies and Hebert chocolates provide a sweet ending. Items arrive inside tray and wrapped with a bow.

• 4.0oz Stonewall Kitchen® Red Pepper Jelly
• 9.0oz Stonewall Kitchen® Honey Mustard Dip
• 6.0oz Stonewall Kitchen® Dipping Pretzels
• 2.0oz Stonewall Kitchen® Ultimate Snack Mix Packet
• 5.0oz Stonewall Kitchen® Asiago Cheese Crackers
• 11.75oz Stonewall Kitchen® Maple Bacon Onion Jam
• 6.0oz Danielle® Salami Picante
• 5.0oz Castleton Crackers – Simply Wheat
• 4.0oz Hebert Candies® Rice Cracker Snack Mix
• 4.0oz Northwoods Cheese Co® Cheddar Cheese Bar
• 1.5oz Nunes® Roasted Salted Cashews
• 4.23oz Hebert Candies® Sea Salt Caramels, 9pc Box
• 6.0oz Hebert Candies® Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
• 1.0oz Mississippi Cheese Store Factory® Cinnamon Pecan Straw Cookies
• 2.5oz J&M Chocolate Chip Cookies
• 2.0oz California Smoked Almonds

*FREE occasion ribbon will be tied around the bow. 

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