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Tails of the Easter Bunny
March 11, 2015


Peter Cottontail:

We all know the Easter Bunny as that little guy who comes early in the morning on Easter Sunday to bring baskets filled with chocolates and candy to good little boys and girls.

The bunny was chosen as the icon because the rabbit is known for its fertility and is, therefore, the symbol of “new life.” 

Although no one knows for sure exactly what the Easter Rabbit’s origins are,





Valentine's Day - Not Just for Romance
January 23, 2015

Some of my best Valentine’s Day memories are from my childhood.

For at least two weeks before THE BIG DAY, all of us kids would get together and spend hours cutting heart shapes, making those paper doilies, and writing notes and cards.  Of course, they weren’t addressed to anyone in particular, since it assured that every kid would get a card—no one was to be left out.

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