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Make Memories at The Mansion
April 14, 2015

We want to say a big congratulation to Joshua & Jessica Hebert on their marriage and to Maddie and Paul on their engagement.

Although Joshua and Jessica are no relation, they sent us the note from one Hebert to another. 

Since 1917 The Hebert Candy Mansion has seen it all. With are old world elegant...



Tails of the Easter Bunny
March 11, 2015


Peter Cottontail:

We all know the Easter Bunny as that little guy who comes early in the morning on Easter Sunday to bring baskets filled with chocolates and candy to good little boys and girls.

The bunny was chosen as the icon because the rabbit is known for its fertility and is, therefore, the symbol of “new life.” 

Although no one knows for sure exactly what the Easter Rabbit’s origins are,