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  • Delectable Classic Chocolate Cream Pie

    Delectable Classic Chocolate Cream Pie

    It's World Baking Day today! Looking for something to bake? then take a look at this delicious recipe for a classic chocolate cream pie! Depending on how sweet you'd like your pie, you can choose between 53% cacao dark chocolate...

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  • Cruzzin' Nights Starting in April!

    Cruzzin' Nights Starting in April!

    Unleash your inner motorhead at the Cruzzin' Nights Car Meet, starting April 18th, at The Candy Mansion! Set on the lawn in front of the picturesque mansion, this event will be a treat for car enthusiasts of all ages. So...

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The best gormet chocolate around. Especially during the holidays. Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. They have something for all occasions. They also have a build your own ice cream sundae bar. I've been going there for as long as I can remember. Smells so go in there.

J Douglas Morrison

This place is an amazing store. My fiance and I went there because I've never been to a candy store before, I felt so excited. They have so much to choose from, chocolate candy, gum drops, string candy, and so much more. You can even see how they make the candy in the shop too. I saw Santa today walking out, the atmosphere is relaxing and the smell is so delicious.

Deanna St. Pierre

This is a truly lovely stop. The building is an exquisite piece of architecture and the well stocked display cases inside are delightful. We were in Finnland at Santas workshop and Heberts is truly a step above.

Connie Mashock

Good selection. I love that they had sugar free chocolates available. I had a delicious cappuccino chip ice cream and my husband had milky way. There are A couple dozen toppings to choose from if that's what fancy. The clearance section is to the back of the store, I wish I had know this all along there were since great deals back there but I had already paid before spotting it.

Colleen Cassidy

Wonderful experience!! Staff are always smiling & helpful! I love what they had done for Valentine's Day & now it looks incredible for Easter! Great place & watching their workers make the candy? Fresh? Is the best part! Great corners & areas to take pictures with your babies 💙

Jessica Marie

This place totally lived up to its name! I was expecting a small selection of overpriced candy, but I was wrong. There are multiple rooms full of candies! I went after Easter and was able to reap the benefits of discount Wabbits. I totally raided the "by the pound" candy selection, got a few candy sticks, as well as a bag of rainbow laces, and some other things. I panicked a bit, because I was worried that I might have gotten a little too carried away, but nope. My total was less than $20.

D Chan