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Bountiful Holiday Gift Basket'

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The sweetest thing under the tree, our Bountiful Basket boasts the best of Hebert. Packed with candy bars, chocolate cookies, and a whole Fancy, this is the perfect gift for sweet tooths.

1lb Hebert Candies® Fancy Assortment
9pc Milk Chocolate Enrobed Cookie Tube
2ct Milk Chocolate Enrobed Grahams
2ct Dark Chocolate Enrobed Grahams
3pc (9oz) Milk Chocolate Bar Scene
4oz Caramel Coated Popcorn
4oz Trio Chocolate Nonpareils,
1.5oz White Cookies n’ Creme Bark
1.5oz Milk Chocolate Almond Bark
1.5oz Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark
6oz Sanded Holiday Gummies
4oz Milk Chocolate Enrobed Pretzels
4oz Dark Chocolate Enrobed Pretzels
4.4oz Walker Shortbread Fingers